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  • Ernest Scalamandre
    Principal and Managing Member

    Ernest Scalamandre is the Founder and Managing Member of AC Investment Management. He has three decades of experience in the alternative investment industry and has managed discretionary commodity Fund of Hedge Funds investments since 1993. From July 1995 until December 2005 Mr. Scalamandre was the Founder and Managing Member of Pinnacle Associates, a Fund of Hedge Funds specializing in discretionary commodities trading. Ernest has also served as a partner in several NYSE AMEX specialist partnerships.

  • David K. Bellman

    He has over 25 years of experience in the energy sector analyzing and forecasting market trends. He has worked for many hedge funds and trading organization. Successfully documented many major changes in the energy markets. He was also the Managing Director of Strategic Planning at American Electric Power for many years. David has BS Chemical Engineer from the University of Texas.

  • Patrick Guerriero
    Director of Research

    Patrick joined ACIM in 2015 and was the lead analyst for AC Maritime Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary, investing over $100M in equities, debt & derivatives in shipping and transportation markets. Prior to ACIM, Patrick was an Analyst for Gellert Global Group focused on agriculture and shipping. He has a B.S. from Babson College, an MBA from Cornell SC Johnson School of Management. Registered with the NFA and FINRA.




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