Ernest Scalamandre

Principal and Managing Member
Ernest Scalamandre is the Founder and Managing Member of AC Investment Management. He has two decades of experience in the alternative investment industry and has managed discretionary commodity Fund of Hedge Funds investments since 1993. From July 1995 until December 2005 Mr. Scalamandre was the Founder and Managing Member of Pinnacle Associates, a Fund of Hedge Funds specializing in discretionary commodities trading. Ernest has also served as a partner in several NYSE AMEX specialist partnerships.
Ernest Scalamandre

Hans Kumar

Portfolio Manager / Research
Hans Kumar has worked in the alternative investment industry for fourteen years. From April 2006 to present, Mr. Kumar has served as Portfolio Manager and the Director or Research for AC Investment Management. From June 2002 until December 2005, Mr. Kumar was a Hedge Fund Analyst at Julius Baer Investment Management LLC.

Ann Leng

Ann Leng is the CFO of AC Investment Management. She holds a CFA and CPA. Ann was formerly the CFO of Innovation Fund, and was also Assistant Vice President at Ivy Asset Management, a subsidiary of Bank of New York. Prior to Ivy Asset Management, Ann was an Auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Joe Huang

Head of Operational Due Diligence
Joe Huang has worked in the alternative investment industry for eleven years. From November 2007 to present, Mr. Huang has been the Head of Operational Due Diligence of AC Investment Management. From January 2005 through October 2007, Mr. Huang was an Auditor for Ernst & Young in the Global Asset Management group in San Francisco, where he conducted audits on hedge funds, funds of funds, and venture capital funds.

Amy Consolacion

Research Analyst
Amy Consolacion, a Research Analyst at AC Investment Management, has worked in the Fund of Hedge Fund industry for more than ten years. Previously Ms. Consolacion was a commodity-focused Research Analyst at Harcourt Alternative Investments, and prior to that was an Associate at Auda Alternative Investments. She began her career as an Energy Pricing Analyst at Reliant Energy in Houston, Texas.

Patrick Guerriero

Research Analyst

Patrick graduated from Babson College with a BS in Business Management in 2014. He was an analyst at Gellert Global Group from August 2014 through November 2015 with a focus on shipping and agriculture. Prior to Gellert, Patrick was a marketing intern at the National Football League and a Research Intern at AC Investment Management.

Nelson Timpson

Research Analyst, Risk Management

Nelson joined AC Investment Management in 2014. His primary responsibilities include manager research and risk management. He graduated from Wake Forest University with a BS in Finance in 2014 and held various internships across financial services throughout college.

Chris Davidson

Head of Marketing
Chris Davidson has worked in the alternative investment industry for sixteen years including real estate, hedge funds and commodities. From April 2011 to the present, Mr. Davidson has been the Head of Marketing for AC Investment Management. Prior to AC Investment Management, Chris worked at various hedge fund and real estate firms where his responsibilities included marketing and development.